Mrs. Wiebers

Welcome to 6th Grade...Mrs. Wiebers room

1. Math is a challenge- and it should be!  Monday we are heading into basic Algebra.  Hang onto your hats!

2. VERY IMPORANT!  Did you know.. 6th grade Can Really Kill
?  If you want more information ask Mrs. Wiebers for a copy.  This was the title of the first novel we read for our first quarter Literature Circles.  And people...we LOVED it!

50 A's Challenge is on.  For only Quarter 2- students can save up their Awesome A papers and have mom or dad sign them and bring them back to Mrs. Wiebers for a special reward.

RIDDLE ME THIS: Some months have 31 days; how many have 28?
see Mrs. Wiebers with your Brilliant guess.